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How to embed widgets video:

How to set up your wiki by the hour

Wikispaces Tour Video Tutorials:

General Help

Editing questions

Changing the navigation bar


Tools and tricks

...for editing wiki pages

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Wiki Templates:

1. Click Manage wiki
2. Click on Templates
3. Create a template
4. Name your template
5. Click: Create Template
6. It will open a page that is ready to edit. Copy and paste (or type the document that you want made into a template) the document.
7. Save
8. Students will need to create a new page.
9. Name the page (the topic plus their user names)
10. Select the template from the drop down box
11. Save

How to:
Step-by-Step Documents for students:

Adding All Pages

1. New Page
2. Page Name (All Pages)
3. No Tags
4. Click CREATE
5. Go to the New Page and Embed a List of Pages by adding a widget
6. "show pages tagged" leave empty (don't write anything in that box)
7. Number of pages 1000
8. Click "Embed" (at bottom)
8. SAVE the page

Tagging (Sample)

Make new page to collect all the individual links (name it :biographies)

Add a widget (list of wiki pages)
Make new page: call it Gordy Howe + student first name and last initial
Tag it biographies

Other Tutorials

Audacity Tutorial

PhotoStory Tutorial

Animoto Cheat sheet (can be used for PhotoStory as well)
external image msword.png Aniimoto_Cheatsheet (saving a PowerPoint slide).doc

Saving as a powerpoint slide

Animoto Tutorial

Animoto Tutorial (Easier)