Vicki Pascaretti
New to Wikis and will need the step-by-step tutorials and additional support.

Think about how you want to organize your wiki, who is your audience, what do you want to communicate, what will students construct and post? We will help you when you are ready.

Take the time you need to build, organize and construct your wiki. Come get us if you have a question...

Use Mozilla Browser when working with Wikis!

1. All Pages (Take out WikiSpaces Widget and follow step by step directions below)
All Pages Step-by-Step Directions

2. Become a member of exploringwikis: Code: 94Q37F4

  • Wikispaces has released a new feature that I think will be a hit with a lot of teachers. You can now have your students join a wiki by entering a Wikispaces "join code." You can create a join code by clicking on "members" in the admin view of your wiki. After clicking "members" you can select "create join code."

    Give your students the join code for a wiki and they can use it to join your wiki without the need for you to approve memberships. To be clear, students will still need to have Wikispaces accounts in order to participate in your wiki.

    The join codes that you create for your Wikispaces wikis are valid for one week. After one week you will have to generate a new code. You can also disable codes early if all of your students join before the week is up.

  • Remove past students from wikis unless monitored over the summer.

  • Removing Students from the Wiki:wikistudentremoval.mp4

3. Edit Navigation (Table of Contents)

(See Help and Tutorials for more set-by-step instruction)

4. Edit, Save, "Color Ball" (undo-redo button)

5. Create a new page, name must be unique,

6. Add document or Image
Files and Pictures

7. Widget Tutorial (for embedding videos, glogster digital posters, calendars, spreadsheets, etc.)
Widget Tutorial Twitter

1. Look and Feel
2. Edit, Save, Text Feature (undo-redo button)
  • Create a home page greeting.
  • Use the text features to make the font large, small, different color, different font, center wording
3. Create a new page, name must be unique,
  • Click on File (insert an Image, insert a document, ppt)
4. Edit Navigation (make a new page, link)
  • Add Pages (Help page, resource page, assignment page, student portfolio pages etc.
5. Widgets (add video, Glogster, List of Wiki Pages i.e.. All Pages)
  • Go to your Google calendar, Teacher Tube, YouTube, etc. and get the embed code to post your calendar, video, etc.
6. Invite your partner to your wiki
  • Go to members
  • Click on Invite
  • Put the partner's username only in the box
  • Click send
  • Refresh your screen
7. Discussion Board (Post - How they would use)
  • Go back to your Home page
  • Click on the double bubble
  • Click on New Post
  • Ask a question about your picture, document, or PPT, offer information about what you posted, ask for feedback on the information.
  • Click to post.
  • Have partner respond by clicking on the one discussion bubble.
8. Manage Wiki
9. Bells & Whistles: Templates, Projects,

  • Webpages with an edit button.

  • Add links to web resources, upload images and files, embed widgets and media

  • Collaborate with others on projects, classroom activities, and more (recommend wiki belong to class not teacher).

  • Remember to set "Norms" with students (digital citizenship, safety)

  • Wiki Tour of edit bar

  • Wiki Help (check out look and feel)